Exit English Language Learners with Ease: The NEW Ellevation Exit Center

As English language learners (ELLs) become proficient in English, their need for language support services declines. Based on state or school district criteria, these students are reclassified with the appropriate language supports. Exiting ELLs once they’ve achieved English proficiency is crucial because studies have shown that ELLs succeed when they’ve learned English and participate in mainstream classrooms. Yet, many districts fail to appropriately reclassify their students due to disparate student data, lack of communication or inadequate resources.

And now, at the end of the school year, the process of exiting ELLs becomes the topic du jour: test scores are in, classes are being scheduled for next year and a fresh crop of newcomer ELLs is just around the corner.

Ellevation has always provided tools to help ease this process for districts. We make the entry, display and analysis of ELD assessment scores a snap. Our searching and grouping tools allow users to put students into groups and generate reports with the click of a button. Our meetings tool allows admins to track notes on a student’s progress and record key reclassification notes. And, our parent letters - translated into 34 languages - include exit letters to be sent home notifying parents of their student’s successful exit.

But we wanted to make it even easier. And so we are pleased to introduce the Ellevation Exit Center.

The Exit Center puts the entire exit process into a streamlined workflow. Leveraging Ellevation’s powerful filters, ease of use and extensive data on your ELL students, we’re able to help districts answer three questions:

How are your ELLs doing?

When you first visit the Exit Center, you’ll see all of your ELL students, along with indicators showing which exit criteria they’ve met… and which criteria they still need to achieve. This “bird’s eye view” provides users - at a glance - relevant instructional information by school and grade. For example, teachers could use this view to see all ELLs who have met exit criteria on an ELD assessment, but have yet to meet criteria on a state ELA assessment, or vice versa. Knowing where to focus instruction for which students is often a challenge, and this data view can help inform some of those key decisions.


Which ELLs are ready to exit?

The second view in the Exit Center is “ELLs Ready to Exit.” This shows you all ELLs who have met all exit criteria. It can even display alternate sets of exit criteria in cases where there may be special considerations for dual-identified ELLs, or those who require a meeting to approve their exit. 

From this view, you can select some or all of the students and exit them directly in Ellevation: updating their status and key dates, and moving them into the “Exited ELLs” category. You can even generate a list or spreadsheet of these students to update your district’s student information system!

Exit_CriteriaWhich students exited recently?

This final view lets you search and filter for former ELLs. This view is helpful for reporting either for your SIS or compliance purposes. You can even place these students in a group, and generate a parental notification of exit letter in their home languages with just a click! Next week, we will take this process a step further and show you how to enroll students into a monitoring workflow that allows classroom teachers to complete monitoring forms online. 

So how does it all work?

The Ellevation Exit Center allows you to build exit criteria for your district. You can base criteria on ELD assessment scores, state test results, and even more complex criteria like language committee meeting approval. The Exit Center allows administrators to modify criteria each year, in light of ever-shifting state and district exit regulations.

Exiting ELLs can be a monumental task. Gathering scores, collating data, requesting approval: all this takes time and has to be repeated over and over again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a tool that housed your ELL student data, knew your exit criteria, and was always able to tell you who is ready to exit? Dream no more… the Ellevation Exit Center is here!

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