Introducing Advanced Filters and Student Groups

At Ellevation, we're constantly coming up with new, exciting features that let you learn more about your ELLs, and how you can better serve them. At the same time, we also strive to improve core features of our platform, giving users a better experience and streamlining their work in Ellevation. It's not the most flashy product work, but often it has the greatest impact.

To that end, we're excited to announce Advanced Filtering and Student Groups, two ways to quickly find, access, and differentiate your students in Ellevation.

Why did we develop these features? Because we've been listening to you, our customers. All too often, we've heard that you want to find students in Ellevation by some attribute on their record. Perhaps you need a list of students to discuss at a meeting, or need to quickly find students in a certain Proficiency Level, or maybe you need to just see who has recently entered your district. The new Advanced Filtering function will let you do all this and more.

The truth is, we can't predict what types of student data you want to search for in Ellevation. Sure, we know you want to find students in a certain school or grade, but we capture so much relevant data on your ELLs that we want you to be able to look through all of it to find just the students you need.

Sound overwhelming? It really isn't, we promise! You simply add search parameters one at a time: "I'd like to find students in Bethel Jr High. Who entered our program after 9/1/2012. Who are at the Beginning level in Listening. Who are not on an IEP." That's what's called a query and you simply build it one step at a time. Better yet, you can save these searches and re-use them at any time.

Here are some examples of searches you can now perform in Ellevation, using Advanced Filters. Remember you can always save your searches!

  • Students at a particular level in a language domain, including the composite or overall level. You can even search by scale scores!
  • Students who entered or exited the program before or after a certain date.
  • Students in "bands" of grade ranges. For example: students in K through 5th grade
  • Students with a particular homeroom or classroom teacher.
  • Students with flags checked or unchecked on their record. These may include "Refused services" or "IEP" or "Gifted and Talented"
  • Students with a particular native language or birth country.
  • Best of all, you can combine all of these searches in any way you like, finding just the students you need.

You may be asking "What about Student Groups?" Well, this new feature lets you put any students into a Group that you give a name to. You can add all the students from a search into a Group, or you can add just a handful. Groups are perfect for differentiation. Do you have a set of students you need to pay close attention to? Or do you have certain classrooms you want to separate out into groups within Ellevation? Perhaps you even have a group of students who you need to address in some way. Student Groups let you segment students in any way you need.

A quick tip: Advanced Filters are "dynamic" in that they'll always "find" the students who meet your filter's criteria at the moment you search for them. In contrast, the students in Student Groups never change, unless you add or remove them from a Group.

How is all of this useful? Well, using the Advanced Filters and Student Groups features, you can quickly find and differentiate your students. And, you can generate Reports for students in an Advanced Filter or Student Group. Want to generate an ELL Student Plan or a translated Parent Letter just for a select set of students? Now you can!

We hope you enjoy these features in Ellevation. We strive to not only introduce new functionality, but to make it easier to manage your student data that already exists in Ellevation. Log into Ellevation today and begin using Advanced Filters and Student Groups today!

For more information, watch this brief video outlining how to use these tools.

Advanced Filters and Student Groups from Ellevation Education on Vimeo.

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