Meet the Ellevation Texas Team

I love my job. As the CEO of Ellevation, nearly every week I have the opportunity to work with district leaders, ELL specialists and administrators and classroom teachers to support their work with English Language Learners. I visit districts all over the country and enjoy the opportunity to learn about each of the 33 states where Ellevation now works. Over the course of the past 4 years, this work has reinforced my perspective that each state is unique.

And when it comes to unique, Texas leads the pack.

With almost one million English Language Learners, Texas has as many ELLs as Florida and New York combined. Texas has been a leader in ensuring that educators and stakeholders collaborate to make decisions about ELLs. To this end, state policy requires that districts conduct LPAC meetings regularly to ensure that all ELLs are served effectively. This is why we built the Ellevation online LPAC Management Centerto enable Texas educators to conduct these important meetings online so that decisions can be seamlessly shared with each student's teaching team, in a fraction of the time.

We work with terrific leaders of ELL programs everywhere and have found the ELL Coordinators and Bilingual educators in Texas to be extraordinarily committed, knowledgeable, and unafraid to demand more if that's what it takes to best serve their students. In 2014 when we implemented Ellevation in Harlandale ISD, our first district partner in the state, it was clear that we needed to hire the best, listen and learn, and continue to innovate. And today, with more than 50 district partners in the state, this commitment has only grown.

A state this unique deserves a uniquely talented team ready and able to provide the highest level of service and a product to match the high expectations educators have for their work. I am so pleased to introduce our Ellevation Texas Team:


Texas is used to champions: from the Cowboys, to Texas Western, to the Spurs, the state knows great teams and great talent. This is why we have assembled this team of outstanding and committed educators on the ground in Texas to serve our district partners. Our team in Texas has deep roots as teachers, administrators, LPAC leaders, sheltered English experts, ELL Coordinators, and more. With this group leading the way, we are well positioned to provide high-quality and very responsive service to districts in all parts of the state and we will do whatever it takes to build on this commitment. We cannot wait to add to this outstanding team as we grow and expand the number of district partners we serve in Texas.
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