New Privacy Policy Addresses Student Data Concerns

We started Ellevation with one very focused objective: to ensure all English Language Learners can achieve their highest aspirations. To make progress toward this extremely important goal, and build a high-impact and sustainable organization that can serve schools for many years to come, educators must trust Ellevation.

The proliferation of technology in schools has prompted an appropriate examination of how data – on students and educators – is used. Articles like this detail new actions being taken by states to regulate the use of personal information by private companies and a move by many companies to sign a pledge “never to sell student data or use it to target advertising at students.” Additionally, the New York Times has written extensively, recently about ClassDojo, about concerns expressed by parents and others, and the actions taken by the company to tighten their policies governing the use of personal information.

Given the importance of this topic, and the need to communicate regularly about sensitive issues with our district partners and others, we have updated the Ellevation Privacy Policy. In doing so we have tried to achieve two important objectives: clearly state what we do and don’t do so that you don’t need a law degree to understand, and reinforce the trust that educators have already placed in Ellevation.

As the Privacy Statement articulates:

  • We DO NOT sell or share any personal data, nor do anything else with partners’ data, save for delivering services through our Ellevation platform.

  • We take the utmost care to ensure that all data and information on students and educators is secure.

  • We only use the data and information provided by educators and school districts to fulfill the obligations of our partnership. We will not use such data and information for other commercial purposes.

Please review the new policy carefully. While being posted today, January 5th, it will not go into effect until Monday February 2nd. If you have questions or comments, please submit to: [email protected].

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