Continuous Learning: Software Engineering at Ellevation

With a liberal arts degree and a career in an unrelated industry, I decided a few years ago to return to school to study computer science. I wanted to learn a craft, and programming appealed to me as a skill that's difficult to master, interesting to study, and that fosters creativity.

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ESSA's impact on English Language Learners: What we know so far

Tim Boals is the founder and executive director of WIDA, and a member of Ellevation's Instructional Advisory Board.  

December 10, 2015, brought us the long-awaited reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which for the last 14 years was known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The new authorization, named the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) maintains basic components of accountability while devolving much of the control in defining what accountability will look like back to states and local schools. While many of the details of implementation await federal guidance due out in fall 2016, the broad parameters are found in the legislation.

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Meet the 2016 Ellevation Dream Team Teachers!

Here at Ellevation, our company values aren’t just something we post on our website. We believe deeply in Service, Continuous Learning, Persistence, Sustainability, and Living our Mission--and we act on those values. Few projects allow us the opportunity to cultivate and engage in all of those values better than our summer Ellevation Dream Team. For the second year in a row, we have been fortunate to partner with and learn from current ELD educators from across the country who help make our product better.

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ESSA and ELLs: A public policy blog series

The coming school year will be an exciting time for those of us who care about the policies and practices that support success for English Language Learners. With the Congressional passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act on December 10th, 2015, the action now shifts to the Education Department, which will be issuing guidance on the new rules this fall. Then, the work moves to the states, which will be required to develop accountability plans for ELLs that meet the requirements of the new ESSA legislation. A year from now, the familiar requirements of NCLB will be replaced with a wider variety of state-driven accountability measures, but it is anyone’s guess as to what the specifics will look like.

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10 New Ellevation Features Driven by ELL Educator Input

At Ellevation, Continuous Learning is a core value - and there is no better group to learn from than our partners. During this back to school season, we’re introducing several new features and updates that are a direct result of listening to their feedback. What tasks do you do over and over again that we can make faster and easier? What student data do you find yourself hunting for that we can surface? When do you find yourself saying “If only everyone in my district knew this,” where we can help spread the knowledge?

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