Share Your Ideas for Improving Student Outcomes

For ESL teachers and administrators, summer is a wonderful time to reflect on the successes of the past year, recharge the batteries with some much-needed vacation, and look forward to the upcoming school year.

At Ellevation we are developing cutting edge online tools to help ESL professionals access timely information, communicate with their colleagues, and save time, allowing them more time with their students. We also strive to provide a forum for those who work with English learners, giving educators a place to share best practices and helpful tips with one another.

With those goals in mind, Ellevation would like to ask our ESL professionals to share their best ideas for improving ELL student outcomes.

If you're an ESL teacher, administrator, or just someone who endeavors to make an impact on the lives of English learners, please contribute your ideas so that others may learn from them. Fill out the simple form at the link below, and return to our blog later this summer to see ideas from others who share your passion.

Click here to share your ideas now!

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