Greenfield Union Schools, CA Uses Ellevation to Boost Reclassification Rate

Imagine for a moment that you are representing your district on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and you’ve made it to the $10,000,000 question. You hold your breath and wait for the final question. As the words slowly appear on the screen you read, “How many English Learners in your district are eligible for reclassification today based on their test scores and teacher approval?” Hmm, you definitely don’t have that number memorized. Perhaps you can phone a friend…

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The Stress of Testing: How to Keep Your Cool and Calm Your Students

Mike Maiello is an ESL teacher at Fremont Elementary School in Carson City, Nevada and a member of Ellevation’s 2015 Dream Team.

It’s that time of year again, and I’m not talking about the holidays or spring break. Whether you’re administering new tests, implementing online assessments for the first time, or struggling to keep up with your classroom schedule, chances are you might be a little stressed right now. I know I am.  

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Napa Valley Schools: Take the Dread out of Collecting Teacher Feedback

Let’s say you have
4,000 English Learners in your district. After spending weeks pulling together data to track which students are ready to be reclassified, you finally identify 1,242 students that might be - cross your fingers - ready to exit the program. Since you need to collect teacher input from both the Homeroom and ELA/ELD teacher of every middle and high school student, you'll need to print, distribute and collect a lot of forms - 1,863 forms to be exact.

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Alabaster City Schools Uses Ellevation to Collaborate and Advocate for ELLs [Video]

Alabaster City Schools wanted a new and improved approach to collaboration among their ESL specialists and classroom teachers. The district also needed a way to help classroom teachers better understand their English learners and adjust instruction accordingly. Watch the video below and see how Alabaster is using Ellevation to make significant progress toward these goals. 

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Tulsa Public Schools Implements InClass to Improve Collaboration and Better Support ELLs

As a fifth year ELD teacher at a high school where three out of four students come from households that speak a language other than English, I know first-hand how important teacher collaboration is. When instructing this diverse student population, the reality that “all teachers are language teachers” is evident in every classroom.

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