Harlandale ISD Partners with Ellevation to Streamline LPAC Meetings

In Texas, all decisions about ELLs – from program placement, to accommodation setting, to exit decisions, to post-exit monitoring – are required to be made by a Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC). Harlandale ISD partnered with Ellevation to make this process more efficient through our student meeting center, resulting in more time to focus on instruction and less time spent on paperwork.

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Giving Thanks

Entrepreneurs, amplified by the media, often talk about the immense challenge of starting and growing an organization. We hear that the work is difficult and all-consuming, emotionally draining, isolating, and often economically difficult, especially in the beginning. These challenges are indeed real, and as an entrepreneur I have felt each of these and more. Yet what I feel much more often is immense gratitude. It is a privilege to work closely with a small and passionate team, to address important challenges, and to serve our nation’s educators who do heroic work each and every day in conditions that can make the work of an entrepreneur look like a walk in the park. And so the approach of Thanksgiving presents a terrific opportunity for me, on behalf of my colleagues at Ellevation, to enumerate some of what we are thankful for.

We are thankful for our nation’s educators, in particular those that serve English Language Learners in school systems from Maine to Alaska and everywhere in between. Over 50% of US teachers have at least one English Learner in their classrooms, a significant increase in the last generation. These are students with immense promise, indeed so much of our nation’s fabric has been woven by citizens who did not speak English as their first language. And these students present unique challenges. ESL and Bilingual educators work each day to connect with students that may be too timid to speak, or who are scarred by the difficulties in their home countries that drove their families to emigrate, or who are in need of a wide range of resources and interventions as they develop English language proficiency. These educators are smart, caring, and patient, and work to ensure all children have a chance at success in school and beyond.

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ELL Educators & Classroom Teachers: Collaborating for Success

At Ellevation, we are lucky to work with a broad range of educators who work day in and day out with our nation’s English Language Learners. We take very seriously our effort to develop tools that support the work they do with ELs, especially given the wide range of responsibilities educators have today. Across the country there are many new initiatives that require attention, including the implementation of Common Core State Standards, new assessments, new ELD standards, new teacher evaluation systems, and more. Too often these various initiatives are considered separate and distinct, leaving educators working on their own to navigate the changing landscape. In nearly every state where we work, we keep hearing that greater collaboration between EL educators and content teachers would prove beneficial to both groups. And, most importantly, to the English Learners they serve.

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Ellevation and Tulsa Partner to Serve ELLs

Ellevation partner Tulsa, Oklahoma recently implemented Ellevation's platform. Learn about how Ellevation has made it easier for their teachers to serve ELLs.

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Introducing Ellevation to California Educators at EdSurge

Ellevation President Teddy Rice recently spoke to a group of education leaders and technology specialists at the EdSurge Conference in San Francisco. Teddy's talk was recorded and posted here after the event. Ellevation is getting a great reception from districts across California: our new Goal Center gives educators the tools they need to implement the new California ELD Standards, even as they remain focused on teaching to the new ELA Common Core State Standards.

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