Thanksgiving: A Welcome Reminder Why We Do the Work We Do

I often get to conduct demos of Ellevation for ESL/Bilingual administrators, coaches, classroom teachers and others. Educators almost always share their excitement and examples of how they would use Ellevation to enhance their work. And I always say the exact same thing: Our software is good; our people are even better. This is another way of highlighting Service, one of our core values, and our commitment to do whatever it takes to delight our partners.

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ELLvis is Alive!

The Ellevation team was proud to be a part of the 2015 National WIDA Conference that took place last week in Las Vegas. This was our 4th WIDA conference, and while the conferences have grown a lot in attendance, one important thing has remained consistent: this conference attracts serious educators from all corners of the country who are deeply engaged in the collective work of educating ELLs. We are proud and privileged to support their work.

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Special Education, ESL or Both? The Case for Dual Language Assessment

Editors note: At Ellevation, we take pride in sharing insights from exceptional practitioners across the country about promising instructional models from the field. Here’s an article from Diane Staehr Fenner, president of DSF Consulting and an author of many works in the field of EL education. 

Recently published research starkly proves what many ELL educators already know: ELL students are routinely under or over-identified in Special Education programs. Too often, ELL students in need are denied special services because district professionals cannot differentiate between a language barrier or learning disability. Alternatively, many ELL students placed in Special Education programs have later been found to have no disability at all. Even when students are properly referred for special services, they may often receive the wrong types of services - witness the astonishingly high incidence of autism among Asian American students. Thousands of children and families may suffer as a result of misidentification.

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Meet the Ellevation Texas Team

I love my job. As the CEO of Ellevation, nearly every week I have the opportunity to work with district leaders, ELL specialists and administrators and classroom teachers to support their work with English Language Learners. I visit districts all over the country and enjoy the opportunity to learn about each of the 33 states where Ellevation now works. Over the course of the past 4 years, this work has reinforced my perspective that each state is unique.

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Why All The Fuss About Collaboration?

Victor Hugo famously said “there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Within the field of language acquisition, the idea with greatest momentum at the start of 2015 is collaboration. I think it is here to stay.

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