A New Workflow Makes Approving STAAR Test Accommodations Easier

Educators in Texas face a daunting challenge when it comes to serving English learners. In Dallas, for example, one out of every three students is a non-native speaker. According to the Migration Policy Institute, Texas was home to nearly 810,000 ELs in 2014, meaning the state has the second largest EL population nationwide.

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10 New Ellevation Features Driven by ELL Educator Input

At Ellevation, Continuous Learning is a core value - and there is no better group to learn from than our partners. During this back to school season, we’re introducing several new features and updates that are a direct result of listening to their feedback. What tasks do you do over and over again that we can make faster and easier? What student data do you find yourself hunting for that we can surface? When do you find yourself saying “If only everyone in my district knew this,” where we can help spread the knowledge?

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Enable language learning in ALL classrooms with Ellevation Instructional Strategies

Over a year ago, as we expanded into the classroom with Ellevation InClass, our district partners immediately saw the benefits of providing ELL-specific data directly to classroom teachers. With InClass, teachers can see their students’ proficiency levels, review the recommendations made by the ELL team, and provide information back to the ELL team on their students’ performance. InClass is a digital Individualized Language Plan - and so much more - cutting down on paperwork and keeping everyone in the district invested in the success of their English Learners.

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Listen Up Texas: How to Collect Teacher Recommendations Without Breaking a Sweat

As a former LPAC facilitator and ESL teacher for newcomers, I recall always loving the first semester of the school year. As the fall semester came to an end, though, a creeping sense of dread overcame my bliss. I knew that once the 2nd semester began, an epic battle of cat and mouse would ensue as I attempted to chase down teachers to collect their feedback on linguistic accommodations for STAAR assessments.

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Monitoring Former ELLs: Introducing a Better Way

Whenever I’m speaking in front of an audience of ELL teachers and administrators, there is always a moment of comic relief when I ask the question: “How many of you are proud of the processes you’ve implemented to monitor your former ELL students?” I savor the semi-awkward looks exchanged between peers, and the eventual laughter that emerges from the absurdity of the question. Because here’s the thing: monitoring former ELLs is difficult, is rarely done well, and provokes the kind of nervous anxiety that only laughter can soothe.

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