Lessons Learned: How to Clarify Input for English Learners

They had been filling out their worksheets for 30 minutes, but I knew I wasn’t getting through to them. I could see their eyes glazing over, their heads starting to nod, and some of them even playing with their pencils.

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Alabama ESL Camp Provides Unique Learning Opportunities for Students and Teachers Alike [Video]

Every summer, Alabaster City Schools, Alabama, offers ESL Camp - ten days of academically engaging activities for English language learners (ELLs) that enhance their English language development in literacy, science and math. Last week, a few of us at Ellevation were fortunate enough to visit and get a first-hand glimpse at some of the project-based learning and personalized instruction taking place in this district.

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Enable language learning in ALL classrooms with Ellevation Instructional Strategies

Over a year ago, as we expanded into the classroom with Ellevation InClass, our district partners immediately saw the benefits of providing ELL-specific data directly to classroom teachers. With InClass, teachers can see their students’ proficiency levels, review the recommendations made by the ELL team, and provide information back to the ELL team on their students’ performance. InClass is a digital Individualized Language Plan - and so much more - cutting down on paperwork and keeping everyone in the district invested in the success of their English Learners.

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Become an Ellevation Dream Team Teacher!

We are looking to contract with all-star teachers from our partner districts to join our 2016 Dream Team. If you are an effective educator with experience teaching language through content, please apply!

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Transitioning to WIDA and Common Core State Standards: Reflections from Florida

Editors note: At Ellevation, we take pride in sharing insights from exceptional practitioners across the country about promising instructional models from the field. Here’s an article from Marysa Sheren, a graduate student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Ellevation’s Instructional Strategies Intern. Formerly, she served as a classroom teacher and literacy coach in Miami, FL.

It was 3:05pm on a Fall afternoon when I heard my name over the PA system. I was teaching 8th grade Language Arts in Miami, Florida. Unsure why I was summoned, I felt clammy and apprehensive as I traveled the familiar route to our main office wondering what this could be about.

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