Introducing Ellevation Monitoring

At Ellevation, it has always been a priority to bring the ELL community simple yet powerful tools to let educators streamline the management of their English Language Learner program and increase collaboration amongst their team. Today, we’re excited to announce Ellevation Monitoring, a new feature that builds on those promises by moving the student monitoring process online and building a bridge between ELL educators and classroom teachers.

Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act stipulates that districts monitor students that have completed their ELL program. Well-intentioned districts have done their best to meet the spirit of the law, but many of these districts have struggled to implement a robust student monitoring program.

But the importance of student monitoring cannot be understated. In addition to being the law, student monitoring is a critical exercise in collaboration to ensure that students -- both current and exited ELLs -- continue to make progress and meet achievement standards. Who better to inform these benchmarks than the classroom teachers that spend time with the students every day? While test scores, grades, and benchmark measures are all essential data points, there is simply no replacement for the qualitative feedback that can be achieved with frequent monitoring from classroom teachers.

We designed Ellevation Monitoring to be as simple as possible. The ELL program will be able to create, distribute, collect and analyze electronic forms for progress monitoring and exited student monitoring directly through Ellevation. Classroom teachers will receive notifications when assignments are due and can even complete and sign assignments online. As an added bonus, we’ve added tools to help ensure districts are in compliance; users will be able to oversee completion and send reminders to teachers directly from Ellevation.

Build Monitoring Forms

Partners will love how easy it is to create student monitoring forms in Ellevation. The electronic form builder is flexible and leverages Ellevation’s data prowess to pre-populate forms with rich demographic data on your students. Partners can even add and customize questions based on monitoring year, grade level, or both!


Monitoring Dashboard

The new Monitoring Dashboard provides a 360 degree view of all student monitoring activity in your district. Partners can view present and historical forms -- whether they have been completed or not -- and easily filter submissions based on school, grade, and other student attributes. 


Classroom Teachers View

Classroom teachers will be able to log into Ellevation’s monitoring portal to view and complete monitoring assignments with ease. We’ve also introduced the option to allow classroom teachers to sign monitoring forms electronically to completely streamline the process.


Teachers filling out Monitoring forms have access to more complete student information while filling out forms, including student proficiency levels, statuses, test results, and even course grades! This classroom teacher version of Ellevation is now available to all teachers in districts that use Ellevation Collaborate.

From making it easy to create and distribute student monitoring forms, to streamlining the completion and analysis of forms, we’re thrilled about the possibilities that Ellevation Monitoring will unlock. We can’t wait to see how our partners will use Ellevation Monitoring to better serve the students in their districts.

Monitoring is available to all partners that purchase Ellevation Collaborate.

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